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 Built Using...

ModCell® is a sustainable, prefabricated, straw-bale building system used in homes, schools and offices across the UK. This innovative, low carbon, building system keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter saving you energy and money while reducing harmful CO2 emissions to a minimum.

ModCell has been developed for the housing market. The super insulated and draught free construction ensures that your heating and cooling bills are greatly reduced. The ModCell System is so energy efficient that our most recent housing project in Leeds has reduced the owners’ heating bills by 90% compared to their previous homes.

The ModCell System is made from the most sustainable of materials – wood and straw.
As wood and straw grow they absorb CO
2 out of the atmosphere and lock it into their structure. This means that there is more CO2 banked into ModCell panels than the energy used to make them. Reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is important; too much CO2 in the atmosphere is causing global warming. By minimising CO2 emissions we can slow down global warming and help to reduce the effects of climate change.

Living in a ModCell house reduces your need for energy, saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint. In 2013, for example, gas bills rose by almost 7% with the average household spending £768 to heat their homes. A house built with ModCell panels is known as a BaleHaus and can save you hundreds of pounds every year.


ModCell – A domestic “carbon bank”

Living more sustainably requires us to develop ways to:
• live within our environmental means - especially in relation to our carbon footprint; • maintain a healthy and comfortable quality of life;
• build strong communities that are resilient to climate change.

Living in a ModCell house is better for your family and our planet. 

Beautiful, affordable and sustainable, your home is a state of the art, super-insulated, low-carbon, straw-bale construction system by ModCell. The excellent insulating and draught-free characteristics of the straw in the walls will reduce your heating bills by up to 90%, compared to the average for Bristol.

The latest thinking in Mechanically Ventilated Heat Recovery (MVHR) means that warm, stale air inside your home is exchanged with fresh air from outside. MVHR cleverly swaps the heat from the stale air into the incoming fresh air. This ensures stable temperatures, much better air quality and drastically reduces your heating bills. The combination of straw-bale construction and MVHR means your home stays warm in winter, cool in summer and looks after your health and wellbeing.

Energy Efficient!
The super-insulated straw-bale walls reduce energy use and costs year on year.

MVHR reduces energy, saves you money and looks after the health and well being of you and your family.

ModCell is an ISO 9001 2008 certified company. Ensuring quality standards are controlled and monitored.

ModCell is a multi-award winning construction system.

ModCell has been rigorously tested. Not even the big bad wolf could blow your house down!